Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY: Dip Dyed Acessories

Do you have an old piece of jewelry or accessory that just doesn't look as cool as it did before? Don't toss it out just yet! Not until you try dip-dyeing all of them!


Click to enlarge

STEP 1: Dab some white polish on the sponge.

STEP 2: Dab the white polish all over until it covers the whole jewelry, it will serve as a base coat so the next colors you apply will show up better.

STEP 3: Apply the first color. You can choose whatever shade you want to use. If you're planning to use 3 or more colors like what I'm doing, it's easier if you apply the 'transition color' first, which goes right in the middle part. In my case, it's purple.

STEP 4: Dab/paint on the rest of the colors on both sides. 

And voila! 
A new piece of jewelry!


  1. A great idea! haha. I never thought of re-using my old accessories. It is a good thing you recommended your blog to me. :) Thanks!

    1. I saw your entry before about accessories so I instantly thought of you! :)

  2. This one's awesome! Would love to try this. Thanks for the tutorial! New follower here and lovin' your posts! ♥