Friday, August 24, 2012

REVIEW: Etude House Brow products

The most crucial part of my make up routine are the brows. I prefer it really defined, slightly-arched and bold. And I always make sure that it's perfectly drawn, blended and tamed before I leave home, mainly because it really does make a difference when you really have nice brows, especially on pictures.

Brow products comes in a lot of forms, there's pencil, gel, cream, there're treat and tame ones that comes in mascara-like tubes and then lastly, there's powder. I've used it all but the best ones I've tried so far are these ones from the Korean brand, Etude House.

Etude House 'Drawing Eye Brow' Brow Pencil


  • the pencil itself is uniquely designed to make the application very easy. 
  • it comes with a spoolie, it is nothing special, it's just the usual ones you can find on typical brush sets. But the fact that it's attached on the other end of the pencil makes it very convenient.
  • it fills the brows perfectly. You get the perfect shade instantly as long as you apply it with light strokes.

Etude House 'Color My Brows' Brow Gel

  • it does a good job on taming untrimmed brow strands.
  • the size is very compact, so it doesn't take too much space and weight on your kit when you travel with it.
  • it has a nice small sized applicator which gives more precision and control.

  • it has glitters. It does't show that much on a regular room lighting but I'm just not sure with brighter ones. Kinda weird having sparkly brows, eh?
  • it only comes in two shades, light and dark brown. Although the one I got, which is the dark one suits me quite well.

And here is a picture of my brows right after using both products for the first time. First, I filled it up with the pencil, shaped it with the brush and applied the tame on top to seal it in.


  1. I cant wait to try out these Brow Products form Etude so I can compare them with MAC's! :) Thanks for the great tips btw!

    PS - Iill be having a great big makeup giveaway soon! Do follow me to be updated! Thanks :)

    The Misty Mom

    1. I was surprised at how great these products work. I mean for its price, it's really awesome! You can get the pencil for 128php and the brow tame for around 300php. Anyway, thanks for following, Shari! I just followed you back :) Will surely visit your blog often!