Saturday, September 1, 2012

REVIEW: Beauty UK Palettes

I've been seeing good reviews about these Beauty UK palettes for months, so I decided to get some and test it out for myself. And by the way, each palette only cost me 300php ($8) each, so you can't really go wrong with it!

Beauty UK Eye Shadow & Eyeliner Collection: AMAZON

Beauty UK Eye Shadow Collection: TWILIGHT

  • almost all the colors are very pigmented. It shows up beautifully even without a primer.
  • the white tones are very good to use for highlighting.
  • the cream eye liners that comes with the first palette is actually decent. It glides on pretty smoothly.
  • both palettes are very compact. You might not notice on the picture but these are actually a bit smaller than the usual 7-inch palettes, these ones go for 4 1/2 inches wide. To me, that's a thumbs up because I like to travel with a lot of make up!
  • unlike most palettes that are on the cheaper side, these ones are placed on a very thick and sturdy plastic cases. 
  • thumbs up for the transparent lids. It makes it easier to see the colors inside so you don't have to open and go over each palette. Very useful in times when you're trying to search for a specific color.

  • some of the lighter colors are a little chalky.
  • some color tends to break for no reason, especially the blue ones.


Beauty UK Eye Shadow & Eye Liner Collection: AMAZON

Beauty UK Eye Shadow Collection: TWILIGHT

All products purchased from: Cute7teen Store  

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