Thursday, September 13, 2012

REVIEW: Suesh Brush Guard & Leather Brush Holder

Make up will only last you for so long. Brushes, however, can last you a lifetime depending on how you take care of them. You can get the priciest make ups out there but it wouldn't matter if you use low quality brushes to apply them.

Now travelling with your make up brushes is a different story. You can't just easily toss them out in your kit because constant movement and friction might make the brushes lose its shape. Yes, there are tons of brush sets out there that are more compact and are really made for travelling, but most of them are even more pricier than the usual brush sets!

Think of it, do you really have to spend a lot just to get some brushes that you'll only use for a few days? My answer is: No freaking way! So I decided to look up some cool items that can help me to easily protect my brushes while travelling. And here are some of the awesome products I found.

Suesh Brush Guard
PRICE: 250 php

  • the product is actually quite a bargain. It contains five pieces of 12cm long brush guards for bigger brushes and another five shorter ones that's about 9cm long. So a total of 10 pieces for only 250 php. 
  • it has one size that fits all kinds of brushes. From a liner brush to a fan brush, you name it, it will definitely fit perfectly.
  • it can also be used on wet brushes. Since it's made of nylon, it doesn't absorb moisture, so it's very ideal to use when you're trying to air dry your newly washed brushes.

This is how the brush guard looks like when it's placed on a regular stippling brush.

Suesh Leather Brush Holder
PRICE: 450 php

  • it's tall. It's about 9 inches long and can really fit the longest brushes you might have on your collection.
  • it also holds a lot of brushes. I tried stuffing in my 32-piece brush set and I was surprised that it actually did fit.
  • it's cheap. There are other ones out there that are basically identical with this one, but are waaay more expensive! So if you're looking for a brush holder, I'm telling you now, get this one!

  • I don't understand the strap. It's not long enough to be carried on your shoulder, yet it's not short enough to be carried by hand. To be honest, I prefer it with no strap at all, however, the metal lock is placed on the ends of the strap itself so you can't just easily toss out the strap.

All products purchased from SUESH.

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