Thursday, October 18, 2012

Useful tips on shopping for cosmetics online

It’s no doubt that on line shopping is one the most convenient ways to get the things you need without having to leave the comfort of your home. You can get the best deals, since the shops don’t really need to pay any kind of rent; they can sell their items much less than the prices at the mall. Shopping on line also enables you to get a hold of some of imported brands that our local department stores do not offer.

Know who the top sellers are
If you shop through Multiply, you can just simply go to the “Marketplace” tab and see the top sellers by category.

Don’t show/tell all
On the transaction process, you don’t need to give out any more information apart from your name, contact number, and shipping address. If the seller asks you for more info like your birthday or a copy of your valid ID then cancel out the transaction.

Use the Multiply Shopping Cart
Using the Multiply Cart enables you to use Coupon codes that can give you amazing discounts, freebies and even free shipping. Currently, Multiply is doing a free courier delivery promo for orders that reaches Php 400 and above just by using the promo code: M-PHFREESHIP2011.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is
It’s better to research on the product you’re eyeing first (especially if it’s high end) so you know a thing or two about it, especially the price. Now, if you find a seller that sells it way cheaper than everyone else, then there’s only two possibilities: a) it’s a part of a clearance sale, b) it’s fake. Also there’s no such thing as “Authentic Quality from Singapore.” It’s also fake. As simple as that. Personally, I’d rather find a good dupe than to buy fake.

Make sure you purchase from a trusted seller.
Look for the comments from the other shoppers. Most likely, you will find comments regarding their orders, prices of the products and transactions with the shop. Now if you do not find any comments at all, then that’s a bit suspicious. It also helps if the shop also has accounts in other social networking sites, which could mean that the shop is trying to reach more shoppers and is definitely legit.

As for me, here are my most trusted and favourite online cosmetic shops:


  1. Havent really tried shopping online. Maybe its just that im not used to it and a bit scared. But thank you for this. Will be helpful because im actually considering to online shop.

    1. Hi again Krizzia! :) I did A LOT of research before my very first purchase. I bought cheap stuff from different shops first so I would know how it works, if it's safe and if it's really more convenient than shopping in malls. So far, I've never been scammed or anything. Another benefit you will get from shopping on line is that first; the items are way cheaper; and second, you can get hold of the brands that are presently not available at our malls here.

      I linked some of my trusted shops above, in case you decided to make your first purchase I recommend you check 'em out! :)

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      Thank you! Awesome blog as well :)

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