Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Girl on the Train —is it worth the read?

I'm not that into the suspense/thriller genré but I was tempted to pick this up because of all the hype it has gotten mid-2015. As I started reading, I thought the diary type of writing is interesting, and so are the alternating POVs, I love that you get to be inside the not-so sane heads of three women (Rachel, Megan and Anna) in a single read.

 However, the middle part was a bit of a drag –Rachel drinking, the police searching this and that, Rachel drinking, AGAIN. I only started to feel the "thrill" towards the ending as I read through the twists that I've already anticipated since the earlier pages anyway. 

For me, it's nothing special, or perhaps, as I said, it's because I'm just not really into this genré. Or it may not be for my age range (if that's a legit identifying factor at all) But hey, I hear it's going to be on the big screen soon! With some pretty decent cast as I've read somewhere. Maybe that won't be much of a drag as the book?

Rating: 2/5

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