Thursday, January 24, 2013

REVIEW: Ben Nye Banana Visage Poudre - Luxury Powder

I don't care so much about finishing/setting powders since the one I was using worked pretty fine (Lewis & Pearl). But when I read somewhere in the web that Kim Kardashian's MUA swears by this particular powder, I felt that I had to get hold of it immediately. 

It comes in 3 sizes: 1.5 oz., 3oz. and 8 oz. And since I'm just trying it for the first time, I decided to get the smallest one which promises around 35-100 applications per ounce.



  • sets your foundation and concealer wonderfully.
  • it does a good job on lightening the under eye area.
  • it's also perfect for highlighting the high parts of the face like the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, chin etc. 
  • it helps cover up visible pores. 
  • it does not cake.
  • it will keep you shine free all day!
  • it contains a lot of product so it will last you a really long time.
  • it looks great in photos.
  • it's really affordable, considering how much product you get.

  • packaging's too bulky.
  • the cap is too small to fit your face brush into.

Purchased from: The Style Quarter

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  1. Nice blog, Barbie. Ben Nye is a professional product -- which explains the little cap. It's meant for us to tap a little bit in a separate container for use on a client to keep the product clean. It really does look great in photos :)

    I'll follow your reviews on my nuffnangx :) I'm on bloglovin' too so I hope you can come visit my blog as well :)

    1. Thank you for that information Ms, Maita! Your blog is amazing :) I just followed you :-)

  2. Ive heard raves about this! Gusto ko na rin matry :)


  3. This site is selling Ben Nye Banana Powder, but the items will be available by Feb18 pa daw. you might want to check. :)

  4. Seems like a nice product. Cool! I want these types of powders :)

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  5. Hey hope you dont mind, iv borrowed one of your pics to put on my blog, I have linked your blog to the image...
    If its a problem just let me know :) Thanks