Saturday, July 28, 2012

REVIEW: ELF 'Beauty School' Eyeliner Set

A lot of girls love rocking eyeliners, it can definitely make or break a look. I have tried different types of eye liners. There's felt tip, pencil, brush, pen and so many other forms. Personally, I prefer the liquid ones with a rigid tip for control and better precision. Kinda like the ones from this set I just got from ELF Cosmetics.

  • it has a fancy looking packaging. Yeah, it probably wouldn't matter once you open it, but it's still nice to purchase a product with a nice packaging.
  • the built in sharpener for both eyeliner pencils is a huge plus.
  • the liquid liners are pigmented, especially the Navy Blue one.
  • the liquid liners do not smudge and stays on all day.
  • it's cheap! Bought mine for only Php. 299.00

  • the 'Brightening eyeliner pencil' (which is basically just a regular black eyeliner pencil) does not glide on smoothly as promised in the packaging and it's not pigmented, you do have to go on over and over to achieve a really opaque black. However, the Shimmer eyeliner pencil works really well. 

Here are the swatches:

TIP: Apply the black eye liner pencil first then trace it with the liquid one for a more intense colour. It will also prevent it from smudging.

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