Thursday, July 26, 2012

REVIEW: ELF 100-piece Palette ('12 Spring Collection)

I've been practicing eye make up recently, but all I have in my mini collection are eye-shadow duos. So I looked up cheap but good quality eye-shadow palettes and this one always comes up. I agree with what most reviewers said. It is indeed a great palette for starters. PRICE: Php. 899.00

  • every color you'll need is in this palette.
  • the white and cream tones on the left side are great for highlighting.
  • the colors are arranged properly. The colors belonging in the same shades are lined up in the same row.
  • the white container makes it look expensive.
  • unlike other palettes, this one comes with a mirror (located behind the ELF logo).

  • the lighter colors are a bit chalky.
  • you might need a primer to make some colors show up.
  • most colors are not blend-able.
  • the white container indeed looks nice, but it's not sturdy, like it could break almost instantly once it's accidentally dropped.

Below are the swatches for some of the darker tones.

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  1. Cute palette from elf, but I agree that this could be prone to breakage. I'm a new follower, hope you follow me back.