Monday, August 6, 2012

REVIEW: Bobbie Magnet-Ficent Polish

After crackle nail polish, another nail trend really got everyone in the beauty world talking. And this is the magnet polish. It's basically a type of a nail polish that creates a 3D design just by holding a magnet against it after you apply it on your tips.

It was first introduced by the brand Nails Inc. in London and then a bunch of other international nail polish brands from high-end to low-end produced their own versions. I've been dying to get a hold and try this particular polish for months. I went online to check different brands and their prices are insane! Not to mention, I still have to pay for shipping!

So imagine my surprise when I saw these babies on my trip to the mall today. Bobbie just comes up with the best and trendiest polishes among all the local brands. And they're the first ones to produce crackle polishes in the local market as well! About these magnetic ones, I'm not sure how many shades this product comes in, but these are pretty much all the shades that are currently available at Watson's.

SHADES (L-R): VI-201, GR-101, GR-203, VI-104, BR-202

The magnet is located at the top of the cap, it's not detachable so you do have to screw the cap on right after you apply the polish, so you can use magnet. There are only two magnet designs as of the moment, these are pretty much the basic ones but it'll do. But I do hope they come up with more.

  • the packaging is great. 
  • it comes with instructions. Well, I didn't really need any more instructions since it's pretty simple, but it would be very helpful for those who are trying this product for the first time.
  • you get a lot of product. Each bottle contains 10mL of product. The standard ones only goes for 5-8mL.
  • the 3D design shows up fast. The instructions indicates that you should hold the magnet over the nail for 5-10 secs.
  • the brush applicator has very fine and soft bristles, which gives you an even application and better control.
  • lastly, it's cheap! Each bottle costs Php 79.00. Well, not exactly cheap but compared to the prices of imported ones that ranges from Php 400-700, this is dirt cheap!

  • the magnets only comes in two designs(shown above), I hope they come up with more.
  • some shades are quite similar, especially the violet and the green ones.
  • it chips fast without a top coat. Well everyone loves putting on top coats anyway!



  1. what if the magnet had a dirt and it was removed by the acetone. does the magnet will still work? because we used it before buying it it works just fine. and the saleslady said that its okay to removed the dirt using acetone and the magnet will still work. but when we tried it, its not working..

    1. Hi! Actually I have never tried that. I have a few magnets with tiny specks of polishes on them but I never bothered removing them with acetone. Perhaps you can double check whether you removed the polish completely? I'm guessing there might be a thin film of polish left on the magnet. Hope this helps!! These magnets are precious!! Haha! :)