Friday, August 3, 2012

REVIEW: Revlon Colorstay Foundation

There are times when you just wake up and don't feel so confident on going out with a totally bare face. Dark circles under the eyes, pimple marks, discolorations and tons of other skin problems can just swoop down our confidence. That is why it's always helpful when you have a trusted foundation within reach.

SHADE: 220 Natural Beige

  • it blends really well on the skin.
  • it does stay on for 24 hours as said in the bottle (or cap!), especially when you set it with loose powder.
  • you get so much product. Unlike the other liquid foundations that also comes in glass containers, this one doesn't come in an unreasonably chunky bottle so there's more product than bottle.
  • it hides imperfections fast. You don't have to go over your unwanted spots to achieve a flawless look.

  • it kinda smells like a combination of paint and that cough syrup you've always hated. (but for some reason, I don't mind so much!)
  • it can get a bit cakey if you don't use a moisturizer or a primer beforehand.
  • it does not come with a pump. You do have to pour it on your finger or at the back of your hand before applying it to your face which can get a bit messy.
  • it sets very quickly. You do have to work fast if you don't want to end up with blotches all over your face. For some this is a good thing, but not for me because I'm very slow!

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