Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY: How to De-pot Lipsticks

So many lipsticks, yet so little space. Learn how to make room for all of your favourite lip candies by following 4 simple steps.

First things first! Here are the materials you're going to need:
      • A lipstick (of course!)
      • Toothpicks
      • A stainless spoon (something you won't miss, since you can't use it again)
      • A candle
      • Stackable glass container (where you'll put the melted lipstick)

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Et voilĂ ! A more compact home for your lippies!

Take out the label from the bottom of the original lipstick tube and stick it to its' new glass container so if someone asks you what brand and shade you're wearing, you'd still know where to look for it.

I hope you find this DIY helpful. If you know more ways and techniques on how to de-pot lipsticks please so share it with me by commenting below.

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